A contemporary garden design and modern planting specialist

Welcome and thank you for visiting Samantha McKay Garden Design, providing a comprehensive garden design service to clients across Norfolk and Suffolk in East Anglia. I’m an experienced garden designer with qualifications in design, plants and plantsmanship. My portfolio of work includes a range of both traditional and contemporary garden designs and I’ve created designs ranging from the smallest of modern urban gardens, to large rural gardens in excess of five acres in size.

Through expert choice of materials and plants incorporated into strong designs, I can help you to achieve your dream garden and also minimise the time, cost and effort needed to maintain it in future years. All of my garden designs are unique and tailored to your personal requirements. To see a range of photos from various gardens I've designed have a look at the Gallery page, or to see a range of before and after photos on specific projects then go to the Projects section of the site.

I hope my work inspires you and gives you an idea of what we could achieve with your own space, be it your home or a commercial garden.

For a free consultation for your garden please call me on 07775 611047 or email info@smgardens.co.uk

Samantha McKay, garden designer

Keeping you updated about Coronavirus:

We’re very mindful of the risks and constraints that Coronavirus is placing on us all just now. As a result we’ve made some changes to our normal working practices to ensure both we and our clients are kept safe. This means we’re still working and able to carry out the majority of normal activities - with just a few important changes.

  • When on site we’re asking clients to keep their distance for everyone’s safety
  • We’ll kindly refuse offers of drinks or to use the facilities
  • Conversation with clients are now happening over the phone or at distance on site
  • We have been able to secure supplies of plants and most of the materials needed to carry our soft landscaping work. These will either be dropped on site by suppliers or delivered by us
  • We’re working to do the same for hard landscaping

Wishing you all a safe and healthy year.