Brand new gardens

Buying a brand new house and garden can be incredibly exciting as you have a real opportunity to stamp your style on your home and garden. However, it can also be very daunting to look at a bare piece of earth and think where to start.

That’s where I come in. In the design consultation I can establish the features required in each garden, the size of patio required and whether summer houses, sheds, water features or vegetable gardens would work within the available space. These will then be incorporated into the design to ensure that they are well sited, are in proportion with each other and the garden, and that everything together ultimately meets your needs.

Flower borders and lawns will be designed based on the style of garden, the type of soil and aspect and the amount of ongoing maintenance required. It is important not to forget trees, as even a small tree can actually make a garden seem bigger because it provides a vertical element.

New gardens also have their own challenges. Often the ground on which a new house is built on has been stripped of the original soil, and become compacted due to heavy machinery and materials being stored on site. The ground is then levelled and left with a layer of imported topsoil, which is sterile from nutrients. This means that generous amounts of compost is required to provide organic matter which improves the quality of the soil and helps plants establish quickly.

The pictures below show a whole range of brand new gardens. Some include lawns and vegetable gardens; others are designed to reflect more of a courtyard theme. The challenge of designing a brand new garden is very rewarding and you will have an attractive and practical place to relax and unwind for many years to come. Please get in touch for a free consultation either by calling 01508 558743 or email

planting perennials during the winter

Raised beds for lower maintenance