Design of a large exposed garden in Diss, Norfolk

Wind is a strong feature in East Anglia and gardens must be designed and planted to manage this.

The brief I was given was to create a beautiful garden with vegetable and hot tub area while maintaining the views. In this design, a balance has to be made between creating shelter but not enclosing the garden too much and losing the view.

Exposed gardens take time to build because you cannot create shelter belts to protect the rest of the planting overnight. In addition, the soil conditions in this area are not good as it is very heavy clay.

The shelter belt borders were prepared in the autumn of 2011 and left empty until spring 2012. This allowed the frosts to work into the clay soil and help open it up. It also meant that plants were not sat in wet soil over the winter.

The vegetable garden was built in 2013/2014 and the hot tub area was planted up in the spring of 2015. The yew hedges around the formal lawn were planted in spring 2016 with a view to further perennial planting in the future.

Creating the perfect garden can take a considerable amount of time and patience but the results are very rewarding. For a free consultation, please get in touch either by calling 01508 558743 or email

Design plan for a large exposed garden in Diss, Norfolk

"Sam interpreted the conditions of our two acre blank field and our requirements for our dream garden brilliantly and gave us a superb detailed plan that we are putting into action phase by phase.

At each stage, Sam is on hand to advise and support us and we are delighted with the evolving garden. Thank you so much Sam."