Garden renovation and makeover in Brooke, Norfolk

Not every garden needs a complete overhaul. Sometimes it is just an element of the garden that needs changing.

In this garden, a large Leylandii fir tree needed to be taken out because it was too close to the house and the old pond leaked. The brief was to take out the pond and decking and instead design a new seating area for informal furniture and a fire pit.

Different levels always makes a garden look more interesting so we built some raised beds to surround the seating area. It is also important to try and link house and garden together so the height of the raised wall mirrors the height of the conservatory wall.

The same paving was used in the new area – although it will take time to weather in and the old paving was pressure washed.

I also repeated the style of planting from the rest of the garden in the new area to create a sense of rhythm and balance. The two large Acer trees were kept as these were wedding presents. Large shrubs were planted on the new fence line which will in time balance out the Acer trees.

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Design plan for a garden renovation in Brooke, Norwich, Norfolk

"Sam has successfully designed a fantastic outdoor seating area from part of the garden that was very run down. At the same time the new area flows seamlessly into the existing garden and once the new paving has weathered will feel like one garden. She has thoughtfully kept the plants that had sentimental attachment and at the same time complemented them with more imaginative plantings. Sam also managed all the planning aspects when we took out the large Leylandii tree as we live in a conservation area.

We are over the moon with the new garden and look forward to using it and watching it grow. Even though the garden is only weeks old we have had lots of admiring comments from friends and neighbours. The wall in particular is a big hit."