Design of a Japanese style garden in Newmarket, Suffolk

A key element of garden design is to link the garden with both the natural environment it sits in and with the style of the home so you have a natural flow from house to garden.

Here the houses are all based on a Japanese theme because the original site was used as a Japanese school. However, the garden is not in Tokyo but in Suffolk so we wanted something that would blend in with both the themed buildings and the surrounding countryside.

Japanese gardens use gravel and stone to create open spaces but this would have been too much in an English garden so I created a large gravel garden and filled it with evergreen box balls, Acers and blossom trees and then contrasted them with architectural perennials.

A typical English lawn creates the open spaces that are so important in a garden.

In 2015, the owners bought the property behind and the brief I was given was to integrate the two gardens without losing any elements of the main garden and allowing separate access to the second property. 

This was achieved by using the same type of curves in the second garden. The open space was created by using gravel which flows from the main garden into the second.

A lawn would not have worked due to the small amount of available space and would have created the impression of two separate gardens rather than one flowing area.

Two different gardens that now complement each other, as well as the properties and their surroundings. For a free consultation, please get in touch either by calling 01508 558743 or email

Design plan for a Japenese Garden in Newmarket

"Every time I try to write a letter of thanks to you, the garden you have created for us changes and looks even better. You have turned a small dreary space into a truly delightful Japanese garden for us, with a minimum of fuss but will a lot of effort and expertise.

Nothing has been too much trouble for you, and you were always available to cheerfully answer questions. The garden came in on budget and was very good value when we look at the first class results.

Our garden gives us pleasure every day and has been admired by all who see it. We are delighted we chose you to create it for us.”