Design of a small city garden in Norwich, Norfolk

Small gardens are very challenging to design and build because everything has to look good all the time, they are often overlooked and access into the garden is difficult.  There are no sweeping borders to allow for lots of different plants with seasonal interest so the plants chosen have to both look after themselves and also provide long lasting displays.

I used a lot of contemporary perennials with good seedheads. The perennials start flowering from May and last until October. In the winter, many keep their seedheads to provide structure and interest. In March and April, colour is provided by the Tulips and Allium bulbs.

The raised beds were built with oak sleepers to create a small enclosed area for the table and chairs.

Privacy is created by using the bamboo which moves gently in the wind. A gravel path links the small patio with the access gate and shed.

Gravel is used to create a change in texture between the paving and the lawn. We did keep a small lawn as cutting it is not an issue as the lawn mower is kept in the shed and occasionally the client’s dog stays so it’s a good place for him to sit. The shed was painted to make it more of a feature of the garden and its position neatly hides the bins.

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Design plan for small city garden, Norwich

"Sam’s brief was essentially to produce something that looked good and was low maintenance. I can’t believe how good it looks and how little time it takes to look after. The process was straightforward, friendly and professional.

Something I wasn’t expecting (though it wasn’t accidental on Sam’s part) was how the colour scheme attracts lots of butterflies in the summer.”