Seaside garden design for a home in Hunstanton, Norfolk

This was a brand new property in Old Hunstanton which the client bought to use during the holidays. The brief was to design a garden that reflected the seaside but allowed for a small lawn for the family dog and a summerhouse.

The challenge with seaside gardens is the weather. Although the gardens are protected from snow and frost, strong winds carry salt and also often sand. Cold wind also damages emerging buds in the spring and accelerates the evaporation of water which can cause scorching of the tissues.

I used a lot of perennials because most of the damage by winds is done in winter and early spring when the perennials are still dormant underground.

The perennials chosen are just a selection of the late summer flowering variety. These are tougher than some of the early summer flowering varieties and can cope far better with lack of rain, wind and salt.

Late flowering perennials also have a very long season. They start flowering in mid-summer and continue for many months. Although they lose their vibrant colours as summer passes into autumn, they continue to provide interest in their bronze and tawny coloured seedheads.

The use of decking created a board walk, oak sleepers gave the feel of sea breaks and gravel replicated sand. The circular shape makes the garden seem larger.

Every location brings a different challenge and the secret is to find the right combination of plants and flowers that look their best in that environment. Please get in touch for a free consultation, either by calling 01508 558743 or email

Design plan for a new garden in Hunstanton, Norfolk

"We asked Sam to design a country/coastal garden that was easy to maintain as we would not be at the house all the time. We wanted to include a boardwalk and some curves. We also needed to lose some of the lawn as we were spending most weekends cutting it in the summer.

We had chosen our own summerhouse, which Sam incorporated into the design but otherwise it really was a blank canvas. ┬áTrevor built the garden and Sam planted all the beautiful flowers, trees and grasses. She gave us a book showing all our new plants with a guide to show us how to care for them.

Many thanks to Samantha for designing such a lovely garden. A perfect place to entertain friends and family, or just curl up with a good book. We look forward to spending long hot summer days admiring our new garden in Norfolk."