Design of a wildlife garden with a large pond in Attleborough, Norfolk

The brief for this garden was to create a series of habitats that would accommodate a wide variety of wildlife. There was already an old pond that was filled with weeds and stagnant water and a summerhouse.

At the time of the brief we were going to keep and renovate the old summerhouse which is why in the design it is positioned further back from the pond. However, in the end my client opted to buy a new one and we tweaked the design to put the summerhouse closer to the water.

Different types of wildlife have different needs. Birds need trees and shrubs for cover, shelter and roosting sites. Whereas bees and butterflies need flowers and pollen, while frogs and toads naturally need more of a wetland habitat.

I accommodated all these needs through the pond with its shallow areas, the trees and shrubs that were added to the existing garden and the large perennial borders both around the pond and next to the patio.

The beauty of a design like this is that it allows the owners of the home, who clearly have a love for nature, to enhance their enjoyment. This garden will have a wide range of welcome visitors for years to come.

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Design plan for a wildlife garden in Attleborough, Norfolk

"The garden is looking spectacular. Both the beds look fantastic and everyone was very complimentary when we had our open gardens days. The planting round the pond has been lovely with "surprises" popping up all the time.

You made such a lovely job of our garden and we have received many compliments."